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In 2016 we are rolling out our all new a la carte brunch menu. That means you can pick and choose your own ideal brunch combo without getting full service catering. All orders are for pick up or delivery only.

Check it the yummy menu and return your order form to

TomCookery Brunch Buffet Menu 2016 (LINK FOR FULL MENU)

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TomCookery Brunch A La Carte Price List & Order Form (LINK FOR FULL FORM)

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Eat Your Veggies: TomCookery’s Top 8 Vegetarian Comfort Food Classics

Corn and Avocado Salad Pic Final

Vegetarian Awareness Month is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean leave our meat-free friends by the wayside. At TomCookery, we make sure to be as inclusive as possible (when our clients let us) and we have a number of great comfort classics for guests who want to hold the meat. Check out our 8 favorites that are so yum, meat will be an afterthought.

8. Cornbread Stuffed Mushrooms

This appetizer is perfect for fall and winter because its like a little bite of Thanksgiving/Christmas in your mouth. The cornbread is actually a traditional sagey, yummy stuffing which we pile in to a cremini mushroom and pop in the oven so it has a great crust.

7. Corn & Avocado Salad with Queso Fresco & Chili Oil (Pictured Above)

We created this dish as a summer salad course but don’t be surprised if it pops up again when you least suspect it. The avocado is tossed with roasted corn, minced white onions and lime, then topped with a sprinkling of queso fresco and cilantro. Finally, we hit it with some schezuan chili oil for an unexpected kick.

6. Macaroni Pie Bites

These are a definite crowd pleaser and make their way on to MOST cocktail party menus without fail. Its basically all of the goodness of our full sized mac and cheese reduced into one little caramelized bite. They hold their own next to any meat hors d’oeuvres.

5. Fried Eggplant Lasagna with Creamy Béchamel

A cross between eggplant parmesan and lasagna, this dish was the brainchild of our chef, Tom Burke, who would literally put béchamel on everything if she could. The thinly sliced fried eggplant is layered with ricotta and marinara and the whole thing is topped with a creamy, nutmegy béchamel. Don’t sleep on this decadent take on an Italian-american comfort dish.

4. Fried Okra with Buttermilk Dipping Sauce

For the country folk among us (Chef Tom has roots in Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana), okra is a staple in many dishes. For those of you who shy away from this slippery little vegetable, fried okra may be a solution. Okra fried in our cornmeal batter is the perfect little popper. Healthier than french fries, yet similarly addictive, this appetizer is a go-to at any southern themed party.

3. Corn Pudding (Pictured Below)

The question we get most about corn pudding is, “Is this a dessert or a side?” Well folks, its a savory side. Its sautéed corn cut straight from the cob. We mix it up with cheese and other fun stuff to create an amazing pudding. It’s hard to describe but its easy to fall in love with.

2. Black Eyed Peas Salad (Pictured Below)

This dish is so flexible. We make black eyed peas salad shooters for appetizers, we serve it as a side for barbecues and its a staple on NYE menus since black eyed peas are supposed to give us luck in the new year. There is very little wrong with this salad, as it will satisfy vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike.

1. Sautéed Wild Mushrooms Over Cheesy Grits

What do we serve when we are asked to create a vegetarian version of shrimp and grits for our guests? Sautéed wild mushrooms over cheesy grits of course.  These are no ordinary mushrooms. We sauté them with garlic and herbs and hit them with just a little bit of sherry wine. Then we shave fresh parmesan and fresh herbs over the whole shebang for a entrée that even the most staunch carnivore envies.

Those are our fave comfort food vegetarian picks. Make sure to check back in with TomCookery on Facebook or Instagram for realtime updates on what we’re cooking. And if you live in NYC, keep us in mind for your next event!

Black Eyed Peas Salad Veg Blog Post

Corn PUdding BLog Post Version 3



Dēmos Board Dinner

Last month, we catered a dinner for the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization, Dēmos.  The TomCookery team was honored to serve such a forward-thinking organization by doing what we do best – dinner!  This event was even more special as fellow Milton Academy alumna, Heather McGhee presided as President for her first board meeting.  We adore Heather.

We partnered with Marisa Flores of House of Flores Event Planning + Design, who did a brilliant job (per usual) developing an “urban rooftop” décor for the event.  Plug: Rooftops are kind of becoming our specialty.  Book yours today.  Our friends at Noirstyle Invites provided TomCookery’s mango colored menu cards designed especially for the occasion.  Who says corporate branding has to be boring?

When coming up with the menu for this event, we had a few dietary restrictions to work around.  Some catering companies dread dietary restrictions…we say bring ‘em on.  We love being challenged to come up with creative approaches to comfort food that our gluten free/lactose intolerant/vegetarian friends can enjoy.  Check out our entirely gluten free menu below.  Yes, we even had a gluten free version of our White Peach and Raspberry Crisp.



Roasted Corn and Avocado Salad with Queso Fresco and Chili Oil


Your choice of:

Jerk Mahi Mahi with Caribbean Sweet Potato Purée


Southern Shrimp and Grits with Andouille Sausage


Roasted Wild Mushrooms served over Stone Ground Grits


White Peach and Raspberry Crisp á la Mode

The first course, secretly my favorite course, was the Corn and Avocado Salad with Queso Fresco (yum!) and Chili Oil.

Some of our guests chose the Jerk Mahi Mahi with Caribbean Sweat Potato Purée.  This purée is a crowd favorite.  It provides such great balance to a huge variety of proteins and we made this awesome coconut saffron pan sauce to tie it all together.

Some of our guests chose the Shrimp and Grits.  Seriously, what is comfort food without shrimp and grits?  This dish is very flexible and sits comfortably on summer and winter menus.  We just adjusted our shrimp sauce to be “roux-less” and served it over stone ground, cheesy grits.

Always save room for dessert when TomCookery is in the kitchen.  For the final course we served a White Peach and Raspberry Crisp á la Mode.  Our gluten free version relied on crushed walnuts and almond meal for the “crisp” topping.   We thought this dessert was a casual finale to our breezy rooftop dinner of New Comfort Cuisine.

We’re wishing you a pleasant week filled with a surplus of summer friendly, light and satisfying comfort food.  And leave comments below.  As always, we love hearing from you and most of all, we love food!

-The TomCookery Team

Photo Credit: Yanqi Chang Photography 


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Impromptu Tea Parties

If you have been following me for a while, or even a short time, you probably already know that I love tea.  Half my family is from Barbados and I grew up drinking quite a bit of tea.  I also had the most impressive variety of tea sandwiches at every single one of my birthday parties as a child. #caribbeanchildhood

We all know tea parties can get pretty fancy.  At TomCookery, we pull out all the stops.  But one thousand obnoxiously small sandwiches and and more scones than you can shake a stick at have lead me to really appreciate the casually thrown together affair.

Nowadays, I think the best tea parties are loosely planned, made up of last weekend’s brown butter pound cake, your friend’s brownies expiriment, some leftover eggplant lasagna and chicken biscuits for the win.  I just got invited for another casual tea this week at a friend’s house so I can safely say this is becoming a thing.  Just remember you heard it first on the TomCookery blog.

I’d like to present the most unpretentious of posts on tea: Impromptu Tea Parties.

What you will need:


-Some Tea, looseleaf or a solid bagged tea like Mightyleaf Organic Breakfast or Vanilla Bean.  I threw my Fairway “Victorian Early Gray” into my handbag before I left the house because its the hostess’ favorite.

-A good, ceramic tea pot with a strainer


-Sugar-I like Demerara because it has a bit more depth than white sugar


Sweet is great, but if you are trying to be held over until dinner, I think you need some savories as well.  At our party yesterday we took the sweet route and had:

Caramel Sea Salt Brownies

Banoffee Pie- Amari’s version was bananas, whipped cream, dulce de leche in a homemade graham cracker crust.

Biscuits (not cookies, real country biscuits) with Honey Butter

If I could go back in time, I probably would have made a fancy egg salad sandwich with some stuff the hostess already had in her fridge.  Below is TomCookery’s new version of a comfort food classic, the egg salad sandwich.

TomCookery’s Not Your Grandmother’s Egg Salad Sandwich


6 hard boiled eggs

1/8 cup of mayo (or more if you like mayo)

1 teaspoon grain mustard

1/2 cup of minced white onion

Salt/Freshly ground black pepper to Taste

Shaved Parmesan

6 slices of your favorite bread.  I like a toasted sourdough for this.


1.  Peel your hard boiled eggs and give them a really fine chop.  My idol Ina Garten puts her eggs through a few pulses in a food processor, which makes them super delicate and fluffy.      Your call.  2.  Add the mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and onions.  3.  Mix it up good.  Taste it.  Adjust seasonings to your liking, and then put it onto your bread with the shaved parmesan layered on top.  4.  You got yourself a egg salad sandwich.  5.  Cut off the crusts, and cut into triangles to up the fancy meter but if you are keeping it impromptu, skip this step and just make it shareable.



Happy sipping,


TomCookery’s Valentine’s Weekend Cooking Class

Tired of the same old V-Day Plans?  Nothing says bonding like watching your soufflé rise with your boo, bestie or new friend that you just met an hour ago!  TomCookery’s COOK – EAT – LOVE Valentine’s weekend class is perfect for people who want to learn some serious kitchen skills in a laid-back environment.  Part class, part dinner party, come ready to cook, sip, boogie, and chow down.

Email us today at or register on Eventbrite  The class is intimate and its filling up fast!

TomCookery Cooking Class Flyer V 3